Though this song is by no means EDM, it has enough electronic production that I can justify a review, because Dirty Loops is one of the most innovative and talented groups I have ever seen. They achieved relative internet fame last year with their grooving and extremely intricate jazz fusion and funk covers of well known pop songs (check them out, they’re fucking nuts), but they released their first original song only last week.

“Hit Me” combines elements of pop music and synthy production with jazz chords and incredible musicality to create a hybrid brand of music unlike anything I’ve seen before. All three members of Dirty Loops are world class jazz musicians and don’t hesitate to show it off in this video, but unlike most fusion jazz, it has a catchy hook and a mind-blowing vocal performance from the lead singer of the band. The whole song and video is simply a spectacle of human achievement.

Because this is an electronic music website, not a jazz website, I feel like I should touch on the production of the song. Everything is clean and pristine, but unlike most jazz, the trio is accompanied by melodic synths, pulsing basslines and arpeggiated melodies. But most importantly, the song wouldn’t be out of place in a DJ set because it has four on the floor at many points throughout the song.

This could be the start of a musical revolution.