Diplo- Revolution

With the oversaturation of today’s music market, some EP’s seem to miss the music radar completely. But when you get an EP such as Diplo’s “Revolution,”  the follow-up to Express Yourself, you’re forced to slow down and reevaluate what it means to party. The entire has Diplo managing to capture the listeners’ attention with such a furvor that will get almost anyone moving on the dance floor. Recruiting some help from the likes of Mike Posner, RiFF RAFF, Travis Porter, Action Bronson, Angger Simas, Faustix & Imanos, Nicky Da B and others, Diplo creates an ep that is infectious to say the least.

Revolution is an compilation of tracks that will make its way to the average club goer and inspire even more twerking then we have ever seen before. There are tracks such as “Revolution” and “Crown” that do have a message inside the hypnotic beats. Containing messages such as, “Don’t let them steal your light, don’t let them break your stride.” you’ll find this EP, may have more to it than what the critiques have written off as “noise”.Don’t let that fool you into thinking that this EP isn’t filled with booty shaking beats engraved with snares and bass that will get your feet moving as well. “Bigger bounce” and “rock steady” captures this feeling completely with the entire ensemble of sounds hitting your face at lightspeed force.

The bottom line: Revolution is a well-crafted, good time. Designed by an artist that is continuously getting better at his craft and pushing music forward, Diplo seems to be unstoppable.

You can catch him at his next show at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA on Oct 23rd.