Deorro _ BIYF

Deorro, one of the fastest growing Melbourne House producers, has just outdone himself with “Bootie In Your Face.” The 22-year-old Los Angeles based producer recently released his song “Yee” on Revealed Records in September, and his follow up is stellar. Besides having hilarious lyrics “BIYF” has a rock breakdown featuring Deorro himself wailing on a guitar. It creates an ambience of mayhem, and was a perfect intro for the song. “Bootie In Your Face” climaxes with a bouncy Melbourne beat that will definitely get listeners grooving, or at the least bobbing their heads. A little bit. 

Deorro posted on his Soundcloud about his new track:

“Hello there, just wanted to drop this off here for you in return of all the amazing support you have all given me. This song really doesn’t make any sense. I had too much fun with it. i picked up my guitar and let the “Rage Against The Machine” in me go wild. I even recorded myself screaming “EVERYBODY RAGE” right before the rock drop. Then i got a bit melodic, followed by a funky bounce drop! Manipulating a sample i recorded on my iphone using my voice, i wanted to give the lead in the drop a really rough and fat sound. And it almost sounds like a fart. but it still pretty fat haha. then i even got tricky with the “Booty in your face” vocal. Towards the end of the 2nd “verse” you can hear i started using the vocal sample with more of a harmonizing affect, and hitting 3 notes at a time. even tho the higher notes make the sample go faster, i made sure it worked! So yea! This one is all over the place. no specific theme. oh! and i screwed up and didn’t realize i was at 127bpm. sooo yea! thats the bpm, sorry! Again thank you so much for all the support! i love you all panda fam!!! also, just in case you’re not a big fan of rock, i also threw in there an Mp3 and WAV of the same song with no rock drop 🙂 seeeeeee i love you!! haha File Contains: Deorro – Bootie In Your Face (Original Mix) MP3 Deorro – Bootie In Your Face (Original Mix) WAV Deorro – Bootie In Your Face (Original Mix) No Rock Drop MP3 Deorro – Bootie In Your Face (Original Mix) No Rock Drop WAV Deorro – Bootie In Your Face (Original Mix) Artwork sorry its such a big file, people always ask me for WAVS as well! thank you – Deorro”

You can download all of the aforementioned tracks off of Deoro’s Facebook.