The newest EP out from the canadian EDM duo Adventure Club called “Calling All Heroes” was released about a week ago today, and boy have the fans been waiting for this one!  With four brand new original tracks and a great deal of emotion and beautiful melodies, this EP surely holds up to the Adventure Club quality seal! Yuna and Kite String Tangle also make an appearance on two of the four tracks, which add even more to the appeal of this long awaited release.

“Gold,” the first track on the release, builds slowly, and finished with a bang. The beautiful vocals from Yuna are those that will leave a tingle resonating throughout your body. With a message of staying strong in the face of adversity, this song is the perfect way to kick off the EP. The next track “Wonder,” is yet another beautiful melodic dubstep piece. Not only is it a great new song but provides another strong message as well. Next, “Crash” falls on the heavier side of dubstep although it does still contain its melodic portions. . The final track is different from the other three in a few ways. “Thunderclap” is solely an instrumental track. It also has more of a house feel to it rather than dubstep. Either way, it is a nice way to close out this intensely emotional EP. Another solid chapter in the adventures of the grand duo, Adventure Club.