Finnish DJ and producer Jussi Leväsalmi better known as 501 from Never Say Die Records has just released his long-awaited EP “Beat The System.” The EP features five new songs: “And It Begins,” “Vulture,” “Beat The System,” “Inside The Machine,” and a remix of “Vulture” by Protohype.

“And It Begins” kicks off the EP with some mind-melting dubstep and is my personal favorite out of 501’s mixes in the EP. The vocal sampling and buildup in “Beat The System” covered me with goose bumps, but honestly I was disappointed by the drop’s beat. “Inside The Machine” is the EP’s only electro-house track, but it’s an intense mix that is not to be forgotten. “Vulture” is a great breakbeat instrumental, but Protohype’s remix absolutely blew the original away with its beautifully heavy drop; it is undoubtedly the best track on the EP. Despite my opinions, you should listen to all of the songs in the EP for some great inspiration to beat the system.