Zedd Clarity Deluxe

Zedd just released his “Deluxe Edition” of Clarity with 4 tracks not featured on the original record. Of the two brand new songs to come out “Push Play” is the one that really screams Anton Zaslavski. The signature gritty, electro sound is back, something that hasn’t been seen since “Beauty and a Beat” the track he produced for Justin Bieber. It’s the signature sound found in “Dovregubben” and his remix of “Breakin A Sweat” (Also featured on the deluxe edition of Clarity.)

Zedd recently posted on his Facebook about featured artist Miriam Bryant

“It took me over 2 years to find an artist I TRULY believe in. I found her: It’s Miriam Bryant! It’s the first artist I’ve ever signed and I’m going to help write / produce music with / for her in the future. She is also the vocalist on one of the songs on my upcoming deluxe album (Push Play) coming out Sept 24!!! Her EP “Push Play EP” comes out Oct 08 and here’s one of the songs on it, “Finders Keepers” which is the song that made me sign her!!”


Zedd has had an impressive year already helping produce Lady Gaga‘s upcoming album, as well as doing a song for the original soundtrack for the film  “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”.