Today seems to be the day for releases in our genre, as many electronic artists are showing the love for their craft. Sub Focus is one of these artists, especially considering how much of an influence he has been exhibiting lately. After witnessing quite a lot of support for this release, we’ve become quite excited. But the real question remains: does it hold up?

In many ways, yes it does. You’ll find that the album remains true to Sub Focus’ sound and style. Tracks like “Endorphins”, “Out of the Blue”, and “Tidal Wave” showcase Nick Douwma’s style quite well, offering up grand atmospheric tunes that are destined to fill rooms with a wall of sound. They are large in scale and execution and have been received well over the past few weeks as singles.

The album features a range of experimentation as well. Seeing as Sub Focus is known mainly for drum n bass, this may come as a surprise to some listeners. You’ll find a range of trap, dubstep, disco and Disclosure-esque soul house on the album, which come with varying levels of accessibility. Some tracks provide an exhilarating listen, and others will leave you pondering. By far of the most interesting tracks, “Turn Back Time”, starts of with soulful and disco like flair, and then drops into deep house with some noticeable trap influences. Another track called “Out of Reach” features the vocals of Jayelldee, over the beachy sounds of steel drums. ┬áThese tracks almost don’t feel a part of the same album, but at the same time, manage to retain a consistent style throughout.

While Torus wouldn’t be considered one of the most consistent in terms of style, it certainly can be considered one of the more engaging albums in recent months. Each track has the ability to stand alone, with some doing so more strongly than others. Overall, Douwma has crafted a hulk of an album, one that does a stellar job of representing the complexity of his work. Some may find Torus to be a bit more commercial as he strays into differing styles of the electronic spectrum, but it is safe to say that there is no way this release will go unnoticed.