Zedd released a new music video for the song “Stay The Night” a day ago on September 23. This song can be found on his album, “Clarity Deluxe Edition”, which is out now. The words in the song suggest it is about a one night stand but it could have more to it. Along with Zedd’s talented production skills you also get a dose of beautiful vocals from Hayley Williams. The video is surely worth a watch!

This video is mainly based off its dance moves and visual editing. Both of these elements are grade A, which makes for a gripping performance. The video also includes Zedd’s  piano skill. It opens up with Hayley Williams singing and then transfers into Zedd’s piano work. The rest of the video is basically shot on the people, a man and woman dancing around this couch. The visual editing makes it look very intense along with the well rehearsed dance. Go check out this jammin’ new house track and awesome video from Zedd.