Camp Bisco, a 3 day festival held in Mariaville, New York which we provided extensive coverage of this past Summer, appears to have a rocky outlook for 2014. The event’s promoter, MCP Presents, has failed to show for a mandatory post-event report meeting. They were to report the number of ticket holders and participate in a review board. ┬áThe lack of presence from Bisco’s promoters could lead to sanctions that could bar MCP from putting on the event next year. The town has voted to have officers investigate as to why the promoters missed such important reports.

While these sanctions could affect MCP Presents, the venue would be free from any legal strife, meaning a different event could take place at Indian Lookout Country Club. However, the planning board of Mariaville has been in talks about creating a code specifically tailored to mass gatherings such as festivals, since nothing is currently in place. Property owner Frank Potter has said that he would consider another event if something were to happen with Camp Bisco next year. Only time will tell, but it seems that the future is a bit murky for the festival.