On September 14th the second installment of the Northwest’s biggest black light party Nightglo drew  quite an astounding and diverse crowd to Bellevue, Washington! Over 4,000 people attended this banging party throughout the 8 hours that it raged. Big name headliners such as Rusko, Brillz, Getter, and Bare Noize blew the crowd away with heavy bass drops. The event also received support from local artists including DJ Yup, Hyperfunk, Dirty Birdz, and Marble. Along with great music and fans, the production and the venue were also top-notch. This show was surely worth the $50 admission!

The crowd in particular was what made the show most interesting. Such a diverse group of people for a show that only held true to two genres of EDM. There were people who had clearly been going to shows since the late 90’s (Rusko fans I am sure) yet there were also a lot of first-timers who happened to pick a great show. Most of the people I met that night gave off some awesome vibes and great insight on how the EDM scene has changed in the past decade. Although a good percentage of people attending were clearly intoxicated, there were minimal problems with overdosing and related issues. There also seemed to be a positive attitude for almost everyone in the crowd, minus one violent outbreak which was quickly broken up. Overall the crowd was very welcoming!

The venue was a great place for an EDM show; the Meydenbauer Center has a large dance floor with plenty of space to either cut loose in the crowd, or hang on the sidelines. There is also a spacious lobby area, perfect for lounging around when you need a break from dancing. The whole place had AC going all night, which was our savior from overheating. Apart from a small, cramped smoking area, the venue was a perfect place for this type of event, and should definitely be used again in the near future!

Though StarDust Events is a smaller, newer group, the production quality was still fantastic. The venue, artists, light shows, and set up were all easily on par with bigger production companies. Stardust Events really outdid themselves with this show, and I will definitely be on the lookout for more events from them.

Last but not least you can’t have a rave without the awesome musical talent! Although this show was not very diverse, the artists were some of the best of their genres. It was a night of mostly dubstep and trap music, with some drum and bass thrown in at the end.  The local artists  stuck to trap and kept the crowd bumping before big-name headliners Brillz and Rusko. Though the opening shows certainly got the crowd going, nothing compares to the way Rusko threw down. He was the only artist of the night to stray from trap and dubstep, and splashed the crowd with a finale of drum and bass.

If you’re in Washington, I advise you to keep an eye out for more events from StarDust, and if you missed out this year, make sure to hit up next year’s NightGlo. I’m sure they’re planning something great for it, and if it’s anything like this year’s it’ll be a show to remember!