Two days ago, Texas native and trap superstar, Chris Marshal, better know as CRIZZLY, released his second remix, “Bust It Wide Open (Retwerk)” in his series of “Retwerks”.  After his release of “LIKE DAT (Retwerk)” the first in his series, I wasn’t sure what to expect. His first in his series “Like Dat (Retwerk)” gave us insight into CRIZZLY’s more grimy filthy KILL THE NOISE style Dubstep tracks which where altogether new and intriguing, but not the trap style I expected to be dubbed a “Retwerk”.


Then Marshal released his remix of his hit original track “Bust It wide Open” and let me be the first to say, this track is the definition of a banger. The Piece started off with a faster tempo then we usually see with CRIZZLY’s work, so I was eager to hear how CRIZZLY’s intense drops would sound at this speed. To answer my own question CRIZZLY’s drop is perfection. At 0.50 seconds the beat drops, and uncontrollable turn up is inevitable. This is an amazing remix to an already insanely dope set and with the continuing popularity of trap music booming since 2012, “Bust It Wide Open (Retwerk),” is sure to be a hit.