Discover the magical second chapter of the Book of Wisdom. Enter the land of the unwritten and be part of this magnificent tale. Guided by the fairy tale keepers, people from over 75 different countries will unite to write history together at the very first edition of TomorrowWorld in America.

With the first installment of TomorrowLand’s counterpart, TommorrowWorld approaching fast, Chattahoochee Hills,  will soon be in the process of a major transformation. Now we know that American fans and over 75 nationalities will be joining to celebrate the new theme, The Book of Wisdom, Chapter 2. What this entails, we can only speculate, but it is sure to hold up to previous themes. TomorrowLand has been known for it’s fanciful and spectacular themes and the new installation won’t be any different.

TomorrowWorld takes place over three days, September 27-29. If you want to get in on the action, you can purchase tickets here. There is also a two-installment payment plan that can help ease the wallet. Keep in mind this event is strictly 21+.

– Contributing writer: Danie Fishman