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The M Machine  recently released three of the upcoming remixes from their Metropolis Remixed album that OWSLA is releasing on August 27th. The most recently released, the Proxy remix of “Faces”, the band stated that hidden on their website were coordinates for the 3 remixes hidden somewhere on the website. The coordinates can presumably be plugged into the starship screen on the Metropolis Remixed page of their website to produce some sort of result (perhaps a free download?).

Our best suggestion to finding these coordinates would be to look through the liner notes of Metropolis parts 1 and 2. The liner notes tell a gripping narrative and most likely will contain some number to plug into the coordinate space to find out what is logged at those coordinates.

Check this all out for yourself on their website:


Proxy remix: RAVEN
Digitalism remix: ZDARLIGHT
Kill the Noise remix: PENNYBIRDRABBIT
Robotaki remix: ORBIT A-OK
Shinichi Osawa remix: BIG WORLD