SweClubberz are a new face in the EDM world with thier facbook page having just over 2000 likes but they sure do know how to throw down those hard beats! In thier latest track “Reunion” they are putting a whole new look on hardstyle music. The tracks name is inspired by the reunion of hard dance and the softer side of EDM. The combo goes together surprisingly well and transitions are just about perfect. Give it up for SweClubberz for the creativity they used in this track!

The track starts off with a pretty basic hardstyle reverse snare but quickly builds into something more complex and unique! Its not hard to tell that you are in for a rollercoaster ride of reverse bass and up beat chimes. After the first uplifting beat hits it quickly drops you into a more mellow trancy sounding melody getting you ready for the hard dance mayhem that is coming! It builds and comes back into a great hardstyle kick which makes you want to get up and dance!! This track has many build up and break downs but they all give a somewhat unique twist not to simmilar to eachother but not too different which gives it the edge on most hardstyle track because alot of them are really repeatative. It ends you on a nice breakdown and disperises seemlessly into a lost echo of bass. Sweclubberz have definatly made an impact on any hardstyle fans ears with this track, hopefully we will hear more from them in the near future!