We finally have a new Seven lions masterpiece to fall in love with! After a long wait and much anticipation, Seven Lions steps back to the plate for this collab with Myon and Shane 54. Not only is this big for the fans, but it’s big for the artists, because it will be featured in the movie “The City Of Bones”. The song will be released on “The City Of Bones Official Soundtrack” as well as it being on iTunes for purchase today!


Myon and Shane 54 start this track of this song with their amazing trance pulse and keep your mind at an easy pace as the beat builds. Gradually you will hear the signature Seven Lions synths meshing into the mix. The track proceeds to go into a melodic beat as the beautiful lyrics describing the love of passing strangers. Vocals are provided by Tove Lo,  and she adds a great amount of emotion to the track. Following the lyrical section comes Seven lion’s signature glitchy drop that still keeps the trance feel yet has the impact to blow your mind with bass. It quickly switches back to lyrical madness and then moves to the 2nd soothing drop. The drop bleeds into one more lyrical section and then Myron and Shane 54 come in for the finishing section of the song to leave it off with a nice progressive beat that ends in repeated snares. Even though it has been a long wait for some new Seven Lions material, this song has made it far more then worth it!