Paris Hilton- Foam and Diamonds debut


Wednesday, as we went to work, drove our cars, and ate our food there was something afoot. Something that has been debated ever since a rumor brushed our ears month ago. That news I am talking about my fellow ravers is the newly inspired Paris Hilton and her desire to become a DJ. Last Wednesday, that desire became a reality as she took the main stage at club Amnesia in Ibiza to kick off her Foam & Diamonds residency.

If you weren’t blessed to see this infamous night for yourself, don’t fret. One fan grabbed their phone and recorded a three minute taste to this eargasm fest. The video is blurry but you can distinctively see Paris on the ones and twos spinning her mix of Porter Robinson and Mat Zo’sEasy” along with Bingo PlayersRattle“.

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Whether if you like her or not, the production value of her set is good and actually fun. Foam cannons and crazy light shows make up for the decent mixes and the fact that she didn’t complete the set herself. She did have a blast though, tweeting and instagram photo that had the caption, “Best party ever tonight at @Amnesia_Ibiza! Never seen it so packed & full of amazing energy! What a fun crowd! I love Ibiza!” With a perfume collection, clothes line and a bank full of money is there anything this girl can’t do?

Check out the video down below and the Instagram Video she posted that pretty much sums up the night.