Dutch electronic trio, Noisia, and the widely known british rap group, Foreign Beggars have joined to form supergroup “I Am Legion.” They will release their first group album on September 2nd and have already released one single off the album that is avaliable for download! The self-titled album will feature Noisia’s masterful genre-defying flair and Foreign Beggars grimy UK rap and will surely be a unique and groundbreaking LP.

In their latest single, “Choosing For You,” you will get a perfect example of I Am Legion’s mind blowing skills. The song wastes no time as the lyrics quickly make their way into your ears just after the grimey dark beat hits. This song  also features glitch and dubstep elements, making it unique. As the track progresses you will notice some deep lyrical word play from Foreign Beggars, as they allude to topics such as brain control and the illuminati.  As you enter the 2nd half of the track you’ll feel as though you are being sucked through a time warp. As you listen the resonating sounds of Noisia you are quickly carried to the final drop which has the same glitchy element as the first but quickly breaks down into the final leg of the song. It all ends with a low, rumbling echo leaving you pumped for what’s to come.