Technicolor- Madeon

Talent is a gift that is either left to die or crafted to create amazing work. Madeon has incredible talent and he is crafting it amazingly. The wunderkind himself is known for only releasing tracks when he deems them ready to be heard by the masses. Only when every sound is perfect and every drop is immaculate does he finally release a song. That type of practice has been a great factor in Madeon’s career so far. Today, he presented us with another gem, his song “Technicolor”.

Technicolor” is a ride that takes you through your mind and re-imagines music. The beat encourages compulsive dancing wherever you are and evokes the ability to see color. The melodies take hold of your ears and waltz around your cranium as you feel joy surging through your veins. If the track isn’t good enough, check out the trailer music video that Madeon’s entourage has put together. It represents the feel of this track and personifies it in this beautifully shot video.

Grab it, listen to it and enjoy this track now.