Sound Remedy has yet another new remix to add to his ever growing arsenal of EDM madness! On august 12th his remix for London Grammar’s “Wasting My Young Years” hit I-tunes! His unique sounds and synths put a great new feeling to the original version of the song. If you have heard the original you will definitely hear the mood change Sound Remedy has displayed in this new remix.


Compared to the original version of this song Sound Remedy’s twist on it is much more uplifting. It contains more of a melodic upbeat type harmony that tends to bring your mood up instead of the original sad slow vibe the song gives. The lyrics from the original song sound nice behind Sound Remedy’s masterful work! If there’s a message to receive from these lyrics, it would be not to take your youth for granted because it will be gone before you know it. The song is more of an easy listening tune compared to some of Sound Remedy’s work. It has some pretty decent hitting drops when it comes to bass. Most of the song consists of low bass in combination with the unique chimes and synths that you won’t hear most anywhere else! This song is a very different work from the original in multiple ways but theres something about it that stays true to the roots of the song. Sound Remedy never forgets the origins of his reworks and keeps them intact yet still never ceases to amaze with his skills to improve a song instead of  butcher it. The “Wasting My Young Years” remix is another great installment in Sound Remedy’s ever growing library!