With Krewella‘s first album “Get Wet,”scheduled to be released on September 24th, the group has been slowly releasing singles in anticipation. It is an important day for the trio because it is Jahan’s Birthday, and they gave the fans a gift with this release. The Krew went back to their roots of making fast-paced catchy dubstep with “We Go Down”, and it will definitely be a hit. The first ┬ádrop at 0:57 is extremely dynamic and it carries the song until the end. If the rest of “Get Wet” is as good as this, there’s a chance Krewella may explode (even more) and completely take over the EDM scene.



Krewella has also announced that they will be releasing a song every Wednesday on their website Their first free download “Party Monster” has trap and hardstyle elements and it’s a unique direction that they haven’t explored very much, besides their collaboration with Headhunterz.