You may or may not have heard of Justin Jay, but you will soon. He may be a newcomer, but with the recent release of his 2nd EP he is sure to be rising fast. Having been taken under the wing of  Claude Vonstroke and mixed in with the “Dirty Bird Records” family, he has gained respectable support in the scene. Jay will also be starting a  tour that will be making five stops around North America and kicking off in Los Angeles.

The new EP is mostly inspired by Justin Jay’s home town of Los Angeles, California. The EP will consist of 3 tracks, each describing different things about or in LA. The 1st track is based on one of the most common LA experiences, a classic car. Picture yourself driving down a sunset-lit boulevard smoking on a big cigar as you enjoy the city lights and you have “The Jaguar”. The next track, “Coldwater” is named after one of LA’s most beautiful canyon roads. The emotion in this track makes you feel as if your driving close to the edge of the cliff, looking out onto the cold beautiful waters as the sunshine beats down on you. The last track “You and Me” gives the feel of a day at the beach. This EP is full of chill beats and stories to be told. Don’t miss out this intriguing EP even though Justin Jay is a lesser known artist in our community.

“The Jaguar” EP is coming out on September 4th so prepare yourselves for these 3 new tracks from Justin Jay! 



Listen to some of Justin Jay’s work here.