Zeds Dead is coming at you with yet another trap banger in their new song “Jericho.” They worked alongside their new friend and collaborator, Memorecks. The track was released August 10th, and is available now for free download on their Facebook page; go grab it! The song’s first appearance was on Zeds Dead’s “March Essential Mix” and they kept us waiting for a few months but it’s finally here!

This track is a nice mix in between dubstep and trap, but manages to stay true to the sounds we would normally hear from Zeds Dead. Memorecks manages to provide his hip-hop expertise on the beat. It starts off using a sample from “Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho” and continues to use this sample throughout it. The initial build up after the first use of the sample is a standard drum clap, but quickly begins to add snare hits and progresses into a bass ridden trap drop. It then progresses into a more melodic section letting you cool down for a minute before the track heads back into the sample chorus, and then proceeds to the second drop. We then find it going back into the smooth melodic trap sounds as it rides out till the end, using the sample yet again. It’s safe to say that there may be more Zeds Dead collaborations with Memorecks in the future considering this track has almost 50,000 hits on Soundcloud in just 5 days!