No one has a bigger impact on house music than the big man from Bristol, DJ/Producer Daniel Pearce, otherwise known as Eats Everything. His innovative take on house music (and his hilarious performing name) has taken the electronic music scene by storm in the past 2 years. The United Kingdom has produced many legends in the electronic music world but the wave of new producers from the country known for it’s masterful musical exports have only yielded impressive results. No one this year has impressed Electric Sloth more than Eats Everything. EE’s take on house music gives the acclaimed sub-genre a breathe of new life, by reaching back to the sound of 90’s house and even late 80’s Chicago house and the UK staple of bass music and jungle , he combines elements of so many different styles to give his sound a unique feel.

House music at times can feel boring, a formula repeated to point of no return. Many house artists will put out so many tracks that they lose originality. But EE’s output is so unique that every track  stands alone, be it the 808 backed and crisp vocal sampling smasher “Entrance Song” that started all the buzz for him back in 2011 , his deep house banger “Hevvie” or one of his many incredible remixes he has put out in the past couple years. EE has also remixed such artists as Jamie Jones, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur, We Have Band, Roy Davis Junior ,Crazy P and  The Ting Tings.  His DJ mixes including his massive 2011 BBC Essential mix on Pete Tong have also yielded some of the best house tracks and mixing you’ll ever hear. With over 20 years of mixing under this guy’s belt, he has become a masterful DJ.

The remix below is a VIP (vary in production) of his already incredible “remix” of “He Not In” by Chicken Lips.  Over seven minutes of very chilled house beats and a mellow synth line to carry the tune which is already a track like this needs very little variation.  Eats Everything knows what makes a house track great; a beat that doesn’t sound nor feel extremely processed and a synth line that will hook you right in. It is refreshing to hear an artist who can put out a style of music that can be looked as his own unique brand. The Eats Everything sound is fascinating,  and will only  get better with time.