It seems that trap has now reached all corners of the electronic music world. Drum n’ Bass duo, Delta Heavy, recently released a remix of Diplo and DJ Fresh’s “Earthquake” which slides right in to the trap genre. While this is unusual for the group, they have been showing love to different genres of bass music lately.  This banger was first featured on their Loadstar essential mix and has kept us on edge ever since. Released a little over a week ago, you can find the track on iTunes.

The remix starts out with a simple drum beat and then gets more hard hitting as Dominique Young Unique’s rapping comes in. The tune then progresses forward with a a more biting electro line, then builds up into a trap free-for-all bringing you straight into the drop. While the track is somewhat typical, Delta Heavy’s beats are not lacking. Sadly enough this remix is not very long, coming in at just under 2 minutes. Listen for yourself below: