In their latest track, Brown and Gammon are definitely switching up their style from their usual hardcore vibe. This time around they are focusing more on the Moombahton element of EDM. The title of the song “The Force” comes from the dark and twisting beat that it provides. They will be releasing their new album August 5th on Circus Records so keep your ears open for it!

Think of the intro to this track with it’s slow chimes and build up as if you are a space warrior moving into a packed colosseum. The eerie sounding voice samples will take you inside as you’re being cheered on by thousands of thankful citizens. When you think everything is safe and sound, the beat begins to build again as a breach in security at the front gate begins! As the drop hits with its hard hitting mix of drum clap and bass smashing, crazy space creatures begin to invade! While you’re finishing off the monsters, the beat begins to mellow again moving along to the break down as you recharge and power up for god only knows what else is coming. The beat only breaks down to build up again with its hard hitting bass and quickly moves into another drop witch leaves you to fight to defend your people and cling onto life! The final breakdown of the battle leaves you being praised for your good work keeping the enemies away and at the end of this epic battle known as “The Force” you give a victory cheer to exit the colosseum and go back to your normal life.