Hot off the release of their wildly successful debut, Settle, Disclosure are taking the electronic world by storm. The group consists of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence,  and together they create some of the most captivating dance music in recent memory.

Settle, full of pulsating, four on the floor rhythms and an eclectic catalogue of vocal contributions, provides an interesting blend of synthetic and real sounds. From spoken word samples to their own vocal arrangements, Disclosure prove their knack for melody is just as refined as their feel for rhythm.

Their live performances are enamoring in how futuristic they can be. The duo surround themselves in consoles, keyboards, drum machines, and microphones. However, the brothers don’t just hunch over their instruments, shrouded in darkness for the entire set; In fact, they prove that they also have some impressive vocal chops, singing live while simultaneously mixing. This provides for a refreshingly more involved live performance than some of their other EDM counterparts.

Disclosure are currently finishing up a tour supporting their debut album, including festival appearances at HARD Summer and Lollapalooza.