Legendary producer and DJ BT’s 9th studio album is hitting the web and the streets August 16th! Seeing as he has been in the EDM game for about 15 years, it might be hard to believe that he is just now bringing out some of his best work now! BT stands for Brian Transeau, his birth name. A lot of his influence comes from early romantic composers and the ambient sounds he heard growing up in Maryland. He has done work producing music for some movies like “The Fast And The Furious” and “Monster”. With the last LP he released he created an entirely new genre of evocative electro-acoustic music!

His new album, “A Song Across Wires” came about because of his revived love of EDM. He was having trouble finding music that would inspire him for the last 3 0r 4 years but recently he has been inspired left and right by genres such as drumstep, trance, and moombahcore. This album really reflects his love for whats going on right now in EDM culture. He has also been working with a new sound technique called CDP for this new album. It produces some of the most exotic sounds out there today. The album will have twelve tracks on it and feature a collective of artists such as Adam K, Bada, TyDi, JES, Tania Zygar, Stefan Dabruck, Christia, Auqalung, Tritonal, Emma Hewitt, Senadee, Arty and Nadia Ali. Along with this album he will also start his “A Song Across Wires” tour that already kicked off on August 2nd! The album is available for pre-order right now on iTunes for a digital copy or at for a physical copy so get on it!