if you haven’t heard of the amazing Wasted Penguinz, it’s about time you did. In the Penguinz newest track they play alongside Da Tweekaz to craft the anthem for Qontinent Festival 2013. The Qontinent is a Belgium festival that is mainly focused around the harder styles of EDM. Because the Wasted Penquinz are known for their edge, they were asked to create an anthem for the festival. The title of the song “Islands Refuge” comes from the beautiful island location in Belgium called Puyenbroeck Recreation Area that is surrounded by lakes.

“Islands Refuge” starts off with a solid hardstyle kick sets the tone for the whole song.  The deep vocals also give it an intense feeling that will make you want to hear more which makes for a perfect hype anthem for the festival. The song then transitions into the unique sounds that you only hear from Wasted Penguinz. Da Tweekaz also then contribute their sound to the mix to make for a song that is truly unique. The combo of both of these artists coming together brings a riveting hardstyle experience. It is collaborations like these that bring life to the world of hard dance music!