Nothing can stop LA-based DJ/Producer Valentino Khan, his versatile (easily the best word to describe this masterful producer) sound is quickly making him a big name in the EDM scene. Having worked with Diplo on the insanely infectious “Bubble Butt” off of the new Major Lazer album and many big names in the rap scene such as 2 Chainz, B.O.B., and T.I., he also has gained a lot of attention for his incredible versatility with his tracks. A wunderkind hip hop producer and many incredible trap dubstep and house tracks under his belt but he is truly recognized for his moombahton work, earlier this year ranked him as the top moombahton producer in the scene. I have been hooked on the V. Khan sound ever since I first heard his big moombahton hit “Rukus” last December, though I am a major fan of his moombah work it would be an injustice to him to not check out his other work. I was thoroughly impressed by the quality in every song he puts out, be it the grimy mid tempo assault that is his remix of Kreayshawn’s “Go Hard” or his thumping tech house banger of a track “Cigarettes”. His DJ sets are definitely not something to miss if you have the opportunity to see him, I saw him open for Crookers this past March and he absolutely killed it! His mixes are nearly as eclectic as his music!

This new electro house track from Mr. Khan is nothing short of incredible, an intense build up leads to a very loud aggressive drop with a buzzsaw synth line and a pounding kick drum behind it. This track along with his track “Fahrenheit” which he put out last month are some of the best electro house tracks I have heard of recently. Both tracks are free downloads so I highly recommend getting both of them if you dig loud aggressive electro house. Though I’m dying to hear some new moombahton or any other mid tempo madness from V. Khan, this will gladly hold me over! All in all, this is an incredible track from an incredible local talent!