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Covering an EDM song with a band is no easy task and rarely is it executed well enough to draw the attention of EDM fans. However, Terribly Overrated Youngsters, an eight piece electro band from Liepzig, Germany, have broken that stereotype with their medley of house and electro classics. Their instrumentation involves a live drummer, bassist and guitarist as well as a synthesizer and vocoder player and a four piece horn section. The fullness of the octet makes for an energetic and polished sound and the horn section makes for a funky twist.

Though TOY don’t really add a ton of originality in their covers, they perform flawless versions of some classic songs which sound remarkably similar to the originals. This medley is sure to please EDM fans. The video and audio recording of the session is professional enough to make it a very enjoyable 9 minutes of nostalgic jams.