Today complextro producer and masked marauder Savant brings us his ninth studio release entitled “Cult”. Following  a U.S. tour, in which he played some of his first shows in certain states, Savant has finally been able to conclude his work on the album. With this release, Savant has produced some of his most complex and mind-twisting music yet, even pulling from some distant genres like trap and hardstyle. As always, Savant also brings some stellar vocal work into his tracks, this time featuring some rap and solid rhythm-work.

It’s almost alarming how familiar yet obscure these tracks feel. Almost every song is reminiscent of something else, yet at the same time sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard. It is also surprising how much the tracks vary, each song seems to be tinged with a completely different influence. From uplifting 8-bit melodies, to drum n’ bass, to R&B, to rasta, this album will disturb the comforted and comfort the disturbed.

It’s with great intent that Savant has pushed the boundaries of electronic music again and you’d be denying yourself a proper audial experience if you didn’t give “Cult” a go. It is available as a Beatport exclusive starting today and for 2 weeks and then will be pushed to iTunes and Spotify.

Click here for the Beatport link.

Check out the album teaser below: