The Bloody Beetroots are back with another massive track featuring one of the most legendary musicians of all time, Paul McCartney.  Yes, that’s right, PAUL MCCARTNEY.  Back in the 1980’s McCartney had been exploring his interest in electronic music on his album Paul McCartney II.  McCartney also worked with Youth as the Fireman.  Also recently it was said that McCartney had expressed interest in a Moombahton sound for his new album.

The Bloody Beetroots is the solo project of Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo.  This project has been more than successful, and gone through a couple incarnations, such as the Bloody Beetroots DJ Set and the Death Crew 77, which featured members from the Hardcore band Refused.  They are also known for making one of the biggest electro bangers of all time, Warp 1.9 (Feat. Steve Aoki).

This time the Beetroots are back with a stadium EDM track featuring one of the most influential people in music history.  This song is a nice blend between Rock n Roll and EDM, with a typical rock song structure and a very anthemic chorus this song will keep Beetroots fans pleased.  Maybe we’ll be seeing more from McCartney and the Beetroots in the near future.  The highly anticipated sophomore album HIDE will be released on September 17th through Ultra Records.



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