This year Highland Concert’s Lights All Night Festival will be shortened to 2 days instead of 3 days like it was the previous year. This is the festival’s 4th year running so be prepared for an even better setup then the past years. In previous years, the New Years themed festival has been held around the date of New Years, but this year’s festival will take place on December 27th and extend until the 28th. It will be in Dallas, Texas at The Dallas Convention Center.

The venue is one of the largest and most prestigious EDM venues in the United States. The location of the venue in downtown Dallas offers many nearby hotel selections. There will be many dazzling performances to go along with the music and the theatrics this year! Last year, the Lights all Night Festival provided Texas with some of the most massive and visually impressive stages that Texas has ever laid eyes on and this year looks to impress as well. The lineup has yet to be announced for this years festival, but stay tuned for more info. Early Bird tickets are available now for only 100 dollars with the special promo code, “LANFAN”, so get one now before it’s too late!