This week’s edition of First Look Fridays is on up and coming artists Cathode. Consisting of Wrightsound and Wyatt, Cathode is a DJ/Drummer combination from Salem, Oregon. We got the privilege interview this prospective super-duo, which you can find below!

Electric Sloth: How did your project Cathode Start?

WrightSound: The magical land of facebook in the beginning of 2013.
We both students of Willamette University in Salem Oregon, and Wyatt, who was currently a Sophomore was looking to start a Drummer DJ duo and hit up the university facebook page looking for a DJ and then I responded and boom. Next thing we knew, panty-droppin’ beats were being made.
We both have a mutual interest in Chemistry and try to bring elements of science into our music and to our shows. That is where the name CATHODE came from; its an electrode conductor where electric current flows out of a polarized device. Pretty cool stuff, right?

Electric Sloth: Who are the members in the group / how old are you?

Cathode is made up of WrightSound and Wyatt. WrightSound is 19 and does the DJing. Wyatt is 20 and he plays the live drums. We produce the tracks together.
WrightSound: I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and I’ve been making music for a long time. I started experimenting with EDM when i was about 15 and, not trying to brag or anything, I DJ-ed middle school dances and events at the local zoo in Japan until I left to study science at an American college.
Wyatt: I was born in Southern California and played jazz drums through high school in the school bands. I have been a part of different types of ensembles like reggae, funk, and some experimental stuff. I am attending college to study music and economics.

Electric Sloth: You are a DJ/Drummer combination. Do you think this adds a certain unique quality not found as often in today’s EDM scene, which is primarily just DJ’s?

Wyatt: Yes. Other than our mix of science and music, the most unique aspect of CATHODE is the fact that I play live drums. Also, I don’t just play an acoustic set. I have recently invested in electronic units that take the place of the majority of the kit to create a hybrid (electric/acoustic) kit. A lot of DJs today only stand on stage and press play, and we knew we wanted to change that. We wanted to give people a SHOW, not just someone mixing their favorite tunes together. Live drums works well with all kinds of EDM, adding a more powerful and visual element to our show. Another unique quality about us is that during our shows, we never stay stuck on one genre. WrightSound has a very conscious mixing style so he can read the crowd and zoom through songs catered directly to the ebb and flow of the audience’s vibe.
WrightSound: I believe playing one entire 5 minute song while just standing there, waving our arms, pretending to tweak the EQ knobs is a waste of time for us and especially the audience. We want everyone to feel like they own piece of our show.

Electric Sloth: What genres do you usually produce? Any hint on when a new song/EP is coming out?

We produce all forms of EDM, ranging from Trap, to Moombahton, to electro, but we primarily focus on creating Trap music then adding elements of other EDM styles.
Our Debut Ep, “Noble Gases,” will be coming out next week, on July 23rd. The EP will be on our facebook and bandcamp, also, the songs will be able to be downloaded for free. Its a 6 track EP named after each of the Noble Gases (periodic table). We collaborated with our friend Emperiax, a dj out of Moscow, on one of the tracks. Download our EP and turn up!

Electric Sloth: What kind of music/ which artists are your biggest influences?

There are so many influences in our music, but the biggest are Justin Bieber, One Direction, Paris Hilton and David Guetta. No……. Flosstradamus, Dillon Francis, Major Lazer, and Big Gigantic are our biggest influences. Floss introduced us to Trap, and Big G proved to us that utilizing a live drum set is attractive (we just do it a differently – you’ll have to check out the EP to understand).

Electric Sloth: Do you play live shows or just produce tracks? If so how often?

We do both. We produce and remix tracks for the purpose of playing them live. If there’s an event on campus, we get ahold of the creator to play. What we have done in the past and are continuing next year is hosting our own events off campus. We see that creating a show in a “private venue” excites the student body much more than just another damn frat dance. Salem PD can cause some major problems for us if you can imagine; some kid got a DUI while riding his bicycle trying to leave our last show.

Electric Sloth: Do you plan on pursuing a career in music, or is it more of a hobby?

We go where the wind takes us. If our music creates a large enough impact then we will follow the music. Right now we are just striving to create what we love and gain a following through exposure. Our parents taught us well, so, school has to come first at the moment.

Electric Sloth: Where would your ultimate venue be? For example an intimate theater environment or a festival in front of 50,000 people?

The more people, the better. We are not scared of getting in front of crowds and being nuts; thats the easy part. The ultimate venue would have to be a small island where we are on a super tall pedestal and the audience is around us 360˚ spilling into the ocean in chest deep water with people floating in kayaks way out there.

Electric Sloth: How is the EDM scene in Salem?

Right now, its non apparent. Were under 21 so we have no idea what the nightclubs are like. Big names come to Portland to play though, but we can’t afford the Amtrak tickets to go see them perform. College Kid problems.

Electric Sloth: Are you signed to any label(s)?

No. We are currently not, but we are always on the lookout and interested in chatting with the people who dig what we are about.

Closing Thoughts-

Wrightsound: I’d say we are doing pretty well for a couple college kids at a school of 900. At least we get to say 60% of our University has liked our music on FB.

Wyatt: We just plan on creating what we love and have no problems following the music if it brings us joy. We’ve made friends from England, Russia, Brazil and have made a nice chunk of change charging at the door of the event we produced from scratch — pretty good for some kids who thought this up in a dorm six months ago.
We hope you enjoy our EP.


Cathode’s Soundcloud

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