With crazy antics and rear shaking tracks Diplo is a force in the electronic music scene. Today, his community foot print couldn’t be any larger as he reaches 1 million twitter followers. So with mad success and all of the luxury that comes with the territory, how does Diplo celebrate reaching this milestone mark? He releases a brand spanking new track and changes his twitter handle to D1P1,000 000.

“Crown” is basically a celebration of achievement. Sporting lyrics such as,

“I cant wait to try on the crown /I know my mom is gonna be so proud/ I told my crew I’m bout to shut shit down/ we do it big when I get back in town”

which is matched with uplifting melodies, sick vocals and killer drops. This track is sure to make it into anyone’s playlist. Along for the “crowning,” Diplo is accompanied by Mike Posner, Boaz Van De Beatz, and Riff Raff, who’s vocals synchronize with the feel of the track completely.

As an added gift Diplo has made this track free to download. So grab it while its hot and celebrate with Diplo.