In the broad scheme of festivals, Camp Bisco has done fairly well. The event has gone on for over ten years. Each year has brought in more and more people however, and that can cause things to change. The latest concern for Bisco is the fact that it has a growing drug market within its gates. Because the security is provided by a biker squad rather than actual police, an issue has been raised about how safe the festival is.

Over the weekend there were four drug arrests made. most of them were made over marijuana charges but some included MDMA, mushrooms, and PCP.  Two of these individuals were pulled over while texting and driving. While our reporter was there, the situation never felt unsafe, but there were people seen being carried out of crowds including one female who had a seizure. This kind of thing has become a bit expected with festival life. but these cases always seem to be more exceptions to the rule when it comes to the electronic music culture.

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