After 3 days of some of the best acts in dance music along with a huge lineup of killer bands, Camp Bisco 2013 feels like one long, completely lucid dream. Thousands upon thousands of people came out for the event and camped for days to experience one of the most interesting festivals out there. Between the live acts, vendors, Ferris wheel, and silent disco, there was always something going on at all hours of the day and night. Sleeping came, but only as a passing thought.

Day one kicked off with the low end of the first performance echoing through the campground.  The OWSLA and Boys Noize performances dominated most of the day with Destructo, Koan Sound, Seven Lions, and Flux Pavillion taking over the B.I.G. tent. During this RL Grime, KJ Sawka and Flostradamus played at the Label tent. As It got later UZ spun at the B.I.G tent and brought in a giant crowd with his trap mastery. Macklemore and STS9 also put on killer performances earlier in the day.

After all these acts finished up Dillon Francis put on a show with his class clown like set. He came out wearing a suit, which he changed during the show. Then at one point he stopped in the middle of a track and asked the audience where his dad was. “Guys, where’s my dad? Seriously though…”. He also brought up Flux Pavillion for a song as well. To close out the night Boys Noize threw down and was a huge crowd pleaser.


Day 2 brought no shortage of amazing artists. The afternoon started with a few bands playing main stage such as Vacationer and Toro y Moi. Then Govinda played the Label tent with his familiar style of tribal beats. He even played violin during his set. Next Popeska had everyone dancing in the B.I.G. tent and Clockwork followed by dropping a killer show. French Express took over Label tent with artists Perseus and Moon Boots which played some pretty interesting sets leading up to a killer performance by Wolfgang Gartner on the main stage.

After Wolfgang finished up Animal Collective was scheduled to play but ended up dropping out. They were then replaced with the Thievery Corporation who performed with multiple singers. Paper Diamond also took over the B.I.G. tent during this time and ended up being a crowd hit. As these acts were going on the fairgrounds started to fill up more and more until all that was left was a sea of people. Bassnectar was next to perform and he was one of the main reasons why a lot of people came to Bisco.

Bassnectar performed an amazingly solid set. Some people were even seen with tears in their eyes. On top of this the bass was so loud that during Bassnectar’s final drop, car alarms were set off all over the campground. Some people in the front even had to move back for fear of getting sick. Bassnectar was easily one of the best performances of the whole weekend.


To finish up Day 2, Baauer and Designer Drugs performed followed by Destroid’s second ever performance. It turned out to be one of the most hard-hitting sets at Bisco. They dropped dub, drum n’ bass and some hardstyle and had the crowd kicking up their feet in every direction. They easily scored up with Bassnectar. To close everything out Lotus played which calmed down the crowd.


Day 3 began with a rough start. Because it had rained so hard leading up to the festival, the grounds were very muddy. This caused the main stages to slowly sink into the mud. The first few acts were not able to perform on main stage. Break Science ended up getting moved to the Label Tent. Luckily the issue was fixed in time for Zeds Dead to play on Main Stage which was a massive crowd hit.

Day 3 was also the day for the This Song Is Sick roster which included Herobust, Heroes & Villains, Congorock and Crizzly. Then Passion Pit took over main stage and Gramatik took over the B.I.G. tent with their ultra groovy set. Dirtyphonics then brought out their super heavy drum n’ bass which had everyone bumping. The foursome scored up there as one of the best acts of the weekend as well, purely out of the energy they brought with them.


Tommy Trash played next and brought some high energy with him as well. He dished out some of his well known remixes of Aoki and Deadmau5 tracks as well as some brand new tunes. To close out the entire festival was Madeon who had the crowd in a trance. He played all of his own produced tracks and threw in some other surprises. All of what he played was very uplifting which provided some great vibes to end off the weekend.

This recap couldn’t be finished without a small overview of the nightlife. As most of the music ended at or around 2 am, most people were still going strong through the night. It was around this time that Silent Disco began to pick up steam as people showed up to jam out with headphones on listening to different DJ’s spin tracks. One morning there were even fire spinners performing at the silent disco. On top of this, many people threw smaller scale RV parties where DJ’s would play as well.

Camp Bisco was a weekend full of energy. It continued for days, barely faltering as people kept going strong. It was a reminder of how dynamic and interesting life can be, between the various different campers and creative talent of the artists, the hoopers, the glovers, and the totems that people carried through the grounds. Some may have looked at Bisco from afar, maybe out of one of the planes or helicopters flying overhead, and to them they saw the gathering as childish nonsense, but to those living the experience, it felt like a reminder of what it is to really live.


– Contributing writer/photographers: Austin Meyer, Danie Fishman