When it comes to festivals, some are huge, featuring big names, thousands and thousands of people,  giant ferris wheels and towering stages, and then there are small festivals with less people and lesser known artists, but with a more comfortable and less polluted atmosphere and a stronger sense of community. Both have their own appeal, and it is important that both exist within their own space. Big Dub Festival falls into the latter category. Being run by the promotion company, B.A.D.ASS Raves, Big Dub is in its fourth year of operation. Each year Four Quarters Farm in Artemas, PA has filled up with a few thousand people all ready to rage and have fun under the open sky.  B.A.D.ASS has worked hard to cultivate its own sense of atmosphere within the festival over the past few years, and it’s safe to say that there is a reason why people keep coming back.


The focus of Big Dub Festival falls in favor of a 3 day integrative experience rather than purely focusing on one particular area. Between seminars such as the Glow It Up parade and the Swim Party, and workshops like Beginner Trapeze and Kandi Making, and a 3 day camping experience located on sacred ground, the weekend of Big Dub Festival has a little bit of everything. The festival also features a lot of attention to decorations and overall visual appeal, which has become a trademark of B.A.D.ASS events on the east coast. On top of this, attendees are encouraged to submit their ideas for their own user created “theme camps” within the festival. Because such a strong community and sense of understanding has developed from this event, Big Dub Festival is one of the only events allowed on Four Quarters Farm each year, as there are minimal problems and almost no trash left on the grounds at the end of the weekend.



While the lineup for the festival is not as “stacked” as some of the bigger competitors, this years lineup does feature recognizable artists such as Figure, Designer Drugs, Emancipator, Nit Grit and Minnesota. Along with this is support from a few other big names, and a huge lineup of local talent. As festivals go, Big Dub is also very cheap, currently running at 100$ for all three days with camping and 120$ at the gate. If you don’t want to miss out on a very intimate and one-of-a-kind experience, consider buying tickets hereElectric Sloth will have a representative at the event so keep a lookout for a recap!


The team at B.A.D.ASS have worked hard to provide a unique experience for attendees, just as they do with all of their events.

It was little more than an idea four years ago – to gather the kindred likeminded, familiar and unfamiliar and bring them to a mountain – party hard until the sun came up and rejoice at all that life has to offer. The tradition continues to hold true today. A pilgrimmage we seek annually to refresh, renew and reinstate our minds, reunify with our closest of friends and escape life for a weekend. Instilled in every member who supports our cause – are the hopes that we can continue to thrive through peace, love, unity and respect.



Check out the official recap video from last years event: