Basshunter’s newest song does not stray far from his unique style of house music, but it seems that he has taken a more mainstream approach to this track. The song has a nice summer feel to it all the way through, getting fans ready for a day at the beach. Strong, beautiful vocals suggest that he is dedicating the song to a woman and letting her know that he will do everything he can to make sure their relationship doesn’t fail or “Crash & Burn”. However the music video tells a completely different story!

This video is shot in first person it starts out looking down on what seems to be a room after a night of partying and drinking with barely clothed girls laying about in a bed. After viewing this scene, the main character leans over the toilet to throw up, which then transfers to a view to a beach with plenty more of scantly clad women dancing, laughing, and partying. After a day at the beach, the party moves to a local night club for more drinks, dancing, and women. It’s not surprising that after they are all done at the club, the party goes back to the house that the video started in. The whole music video appears to be a flashback of the main character’s previous day.