Australian producer, Flume, brings us his own rendition of “Slasherr,” a tune first drafted by Rustie. In his take on the piece, Flume keeps the core of the track intact, but tones it back a notch and brings about a more dreamy, ethereal feel to the track peppered with vocal samples reminiscent of a Netsky tune. While the track is first and foremost trap, what makes this edit so unique is that it incorporated some of the more atmospheric styles found in other genres. Both the original and Flume’s take seem very similar yet very different at the same time.

The whole track maintains a warm and fuzzy feeling that feels akin to an old school movie which drifts in and out, being most felt at the beginning and the conclusion of the track. It’s a wonder how the inspiration comes about for edits like these, but it is clear that the artist had a particular direction for the track. If you are looking for something a bit different to add to your playlist, check this out. it’s a surprising and unique take on the original, and worth listening to.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the free download on Flume’s Soundcloud: