In a scene that is very tilted towards males, Skylight is an organization that works to support and  promote women in the electronic music industry. The organization was founded this year by Kaskade’s manager, Stephanie LaFera and Billboard Magazine media professional, Kerri Mason.  In order to help promote female entrepreneurs in the business, Skylight provides a grant that offers passes to an electronic music conference, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, and access to mentors in the field for one week. Skylight’s mission is to “Light a path to success for aspiring female entrepreneurs in electronic dance music, through mentorship, networking, and funding opportunities”.

The requirements are simple: applicants must be at least 21 years of age, living in the United States, and must be looking to create an entity based around electronic music or to expand on an existing one. With this in mind, Three winners were just recently chosen and will receive all of the above mentioned benefits. All three women run and operate different electronic music companies, and this grant will help aid them to improve what they have started.

The winners include:

Amanda Ho, the founder of the online publication Electrify Magazine, which covers music, culture, fashion, travel, events and news.

Kara Dake, the co-founder and CEO of Signalfy, a source for electronic music festivals and events which is based out of Portland, Oregon.

Alexa Ahrem, the co-founder of East Side Electro, an event-production and artist management organization located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

Check them out and give them support for being a part of a movement that will help spread more love for the ladies in the business!