Recently dubstep entrepreneur and happy-go-lucky bassface, Rusko signed to Skrillex’s OWSLA label. With this in mind he has released a variety of new tracks for eager listeners and will be putting out his EP “Lift Me Up” on July 2nd, which will feature three tracks, including the title track which he just released for streaming. “Lift Me Up” follows suit with Rusko’s melodic dub style, but this time around he brings about a drum n’ bass vibe to the mix layered with some funny and overal stellar samples. It seems that with the move to OWSLA, Rusko has begun to experiment with and improv his style even more, and to be honest, who can complain.

If you are like us and can’t wait for the release of the EP, keep your eyes peeled, as it will be out in about two weeks. You can buy the album from OWSLA or stream from a variety of places on the net. For now, enjoy the stream of “Lift Me Up” from the MistaJam radio show on BBC’s Radio 1Xtra.


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