Rising star producer Protohype has done it again. Following his new addition into Firepower Records, he has just released a new EP. Hear No Evil is the second installation in a 3 EP series displaying that  this man is not tied down to any specific style of dubstep. Going in the opposite direction of the heavy, deep baselines we heard on See No Evil, this EP takes a more melodic and vocal turn. Even with this change from what many fans are comfortable with, Protohype still manages to make each track original and with his own style.

The first track of this EP is called Fly. It features the mesmerizing vocals of Alina Renae combined with uplifting synths and hard bass. The next track, Jelly Roll, has a slight feel of older Protohype while bringing a slight hint of trap into the mix. Shatter is the prime example of melodic stylings worked into this new EP. It lacks the familiar heavy bass though it is still a skilled demonstration of Protohypes versatility. The last track is called Bright Side. It features Ras on vocals and is the most comparable to the feel of his older tracks. It provides that classic bass, but still keeping with his new feel on Hear No Evil. Needless to say Protohype is successfully showing the world that he will not be tied down to any specific style and if this is any indication for the future, he is someone to keep on your radar. Get a better look at this artist by checking out his latest interview with Electric Sloth here.

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