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Borgore has just released the video for his newest single, ‘Legend’. The video has everything a Borgore video should have: boobs, booze and Borgore. It is complete with Borgore’s tongue in cheek humor and famous vulgar prose. The video starts off goofy and strange, with rockstar Borgore not giving a fuck and his young son following suit. It is quite the good time, with people hammered and Borgore bedding multiple females, until the video takes a surprised turn for the thoughtful toward the end. Whether clever or obnoxious or both, he sure doesn’t let you forget who made the song.

The song itself is also unique, with Borgore taking an uncharacteristic turn toward the trap. His vocals and the quirky beat of the song work hand in hand to make a song that is half anthem and half drinking song. Stay tuned for his EP to drop on June 25th.