Today, Parisian Producer Gesaffelstein released a new single Pursuit and a music video to accompany it. This is his first original release since his Bromance release “Rise of Depravity” EP last July. In the past year the young Frenchman Gesaffelstein (real name Mike Levy) has been getting more and more insanely popular in past 2 years with his unique take on Electronic Music. His original tracks showcase a dark, minimal take on techno, electro and industrial. His sound is part innovative and part nostalgic, in which he combines analog synths and drum machines with the new and current DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) platform, creating drum and synthesizer sounds that are truly unique to him.

Gesaffelstein has exploded onto the electronic music scene where the Avicii‘s and Zedd‘s and Swedish House Mafia’s happy pop tracks rule supreme. Though the happier side of “EDM” is fun at times, what is the light without the dark? France is a country already notorious for it’s innovative leftfield electro producers such as Mr. Oizo, Justice and Sebastian. In true French fashion Gesaffelstein‘s dark and heavy brand of electronic music was the answer to all the cheesy house music that is in the mainstream. Though his music is not on the same scale of popularity as “EDM” stars, there is only room to grow. After working on a track for Kanye West’s upcoming album “Yeezus” and putting out a handful of incredible remixes in the past year, this new single leaves me begging for his highly anticipated first album which the mysterious producer has yet to put a release date out for it.

After waiting for a long time, Pursuit is just what Gesaffelstein fans needed. The intense synth line starts things off to pull you into the darkness, then comes a heavy mid tempo beat that gets your head bobbing, the sound inflections throughout the song carry it perfectly. “Pursuit” and it’s video give to you the feeling that the singularity had already occurred, the moment when artificial intelligence is equal to the intelligence of man. Where machine and man collide but you just want to dance and get lost in the darkness of Gesaffelstein‘s music. This song and it’s music video are just proof that this man is a true master of his craft and truly on a mission to make some of the most epic and intense songs without genre or without outside input. Gesaffelstein holds what most electronic music producers want more than anything, a sound to call his own. Be sure to catch his performance if you are attending this year’s HARD Summer Day 2, because his set is not one to miss.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRSijEW_cDM&w=560&h=315]