There’s a certain connection when it comes to the dj and the fans at a concert. They thrive off each other’s energy to create this atmosphere of fun and excitement. But to see a dj single-handedly create this atmosphere and invite the fans into it is something else.
Oli Cash, A.K.A. Far Too Loud, is one such person.

Something about the complex electro-house tracks he throws down combined with the pure energy he provides on stage simply captures everyone. He recently played at the Avalon in Hollywood, CA and Electric Sloth was there to find out what really goes on behind the fast paced, grooving beats and funky basslines of Far Too Loud.

ES: What is your main influence in electronic music?

Oli: Ummm. That’s a difficult question. I guess the first thing that ever got me into it was when I went to a university and started going clubbing a lot more and started going to some outdoor parties and then eventually thinking why don’t I do this?

ES: What did you listen to growing up?

Oli: Lot’s of things. I picked a lot of stuff up from my dad’s record collection. Vinyl collection I guess.

ES: Any specifics?

Oli: There was a lot of 70’s jazz and 70’s rock. Particular name’s like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin both played a big impression on me I guess and jazz like Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. These kind of things were all in his collection. I didn’t listen to much dance music growing up at all.

ES: What was the main influence on the new EP?

Oli: Well 2 things actually. Two non-musical things. I guess I decided eventually I should watch all of Battlestar Gallactica, which I did and I guess you can maybe see a little bit of that in the cover. Also, and bless his soul actually cause he just passed away, I was reading a lot of Iain Banks stuff and I guess that kind of bled through. I had the idea of doing something Sci-fi themed.

ES: Play any other instruments?

Oli: Well yes. As I said to you, I listen to Jazz when I was growing up so I played the saxophone from the age of ten. Was really keen into that and sort of branched out from that and played the clarinet and other woodwind stuff. I played the drums as well. I’ve still got a drum kit somewhere in the attic of my dads house since I haven’t got anywhere to set it up.

ES: If you could have a sort of dream collaboration with any artist, who would it be?

Oli: Interesting. Well I said this in an interview recently and this is something that hopefully will possibly may happen. There’s a sort of raggae vocalist from the UK named Supti(?) who I think is awesome. I’ve thought she’s awesome for years and I met her a few months back in France and put the idea out there. So I’m going to try and work on some ideas and we’ll see.

ES: Do you prefer an intimate club show or festival? What is your ideal performance?

Oli: This is my ideal set up. I’d like to play outdoors. Probably a festival where the weather’s nice and there’s lots of crazy decorations and at night time.

ES: If you didn’t dj, what career would you see yourself doing right now?

Oli: I would be making some kind of….alcohol. Like beer or whiskey probably. Maybe I’ll just be a moonshiner.

ES: What do you see in the future for Far Too Loud?

Oli: A lot of people ask about albums, well an album specifically because I’ve never done one. At the moment I don’t have any plans to cause I kind of believe in the moment that releasing EP’s gives a more consistent flow of releases and It’s really important to provide fans with a more consistent output. I think my plan is to just carry on with these EP releases. I’ve done 3 major EP’s in the last year or two now and I’ve just really enjoyed doing that. I’m going to continue with that.