It’s 3 in the morning, you’ve been listening to music all day, and as the artists are packing up their stuff for the night, you can’t get that one jam out of your noggin’. Most people are ready to head to bed, but you aren’t most people. All you want to do is keep dancing. This is where the Silent Disco steps in. A Silent Disco is an experience in which audience members are given a pair of wireless headphones with which to listen to a DJ play tracks. The idea is that by listening through headphones, noise levels can be kept down and yet there is still music to dance too. Silent Disco’s have become quite popular in the past few years and a staple of Camp Bisco.

For this year’s silent disco experience, Bisco has recruited a variety of DJ’s including a DJ set by Passion Pit. Participating in a Silent Disco is a unique experience that allows people to connect through music on an even deeper way. by wearing the headphones and thus tuning out any outside noise that could be heard on top of the music itself, it allows for the audience to get wrapped up in what they are hearing. If you will be attending Bisco, don’t miss this interesting experience.

Camp Bisco, a 3 day music festival with camping takes place on July 11-13 this year and will feature artists such as The Disco Buscuits, Bassnectar, StS9, Dillon Francis, Destroid, and Umphrey’s McGee. The full artist lineup by day was recently announced, along with saturday-only tickets. All of this information can be found on Camp Bisco’s website here.