In the wake of Bounce Music Festival taking place in less than two weeks in Twain, California, a music sampler has been released featuring original tracks and remixes by a variety of artists. The sampler offers a bit of every style, from a hyper stylized version of Kanye West’s “N***as In Paris” by EPROM, to a remix of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” by Beats Antique, to the atmospheric track “My Time Machine” by The Polish Ambassador, this sampler has a bit for everyone and offers a glimpse into what to expect at the festival. Luckily it’s available at the price of a single tweet. You can check it out by clicking *HERE*.

To learn more about the Bounce Music Festival, check out Electric Sloth’s preview of the event *HERE*. As of now tickets are still available for this killer event. If you live in California, give this one a shot. It’s rather inexpensive in comparison to some festivals and features some great talent.