Today at 10am pacific time Ultra Music Festival’s pre sale tickets were supposed to go on sale. Due to the sheer numbers, the ticketing agency Ticket Freak’s servers were overloaded, leaving a very minimal amount of festival goers to get their ticket at the time they were supposed to. 10 minutes later the ticketing website “went down for maintenance” solidifying that no one else could purchase a ticket at the time.

Ultra Music Festival put out this release an hour later
“Ultra Music Festival would like to thank all of our fans for their incredible support and response to our offering of Early Bird tickets earlier today at 1pm EDT. We apologize to those of you were not able to complete their purchases due to the overwhelming demand placed on the ticketing company’s servers.

To show our gratitude for your continued patience, a new allotment of Early Bird tickets for Ultra Miami 2014 will be offered for sale today at 4:30pm EDT with GA and VIP Advance and Regular tickets sold thereafter.

We look forward to seeing you all at Ultra Miami 2014.”
– Via Ultra Music Festival’s Facebook.

Come 1:30 pacific time many people sat looking at their computers, counting down the seconds to try again. Although the server didn’t crash, thousands were put in a “waiting room”, but to many this was a crucial and necessary step to get their tickets. What happened next was mind boggling. By the time most people got out of their waiting room, the ticket that they thought would be 150$ ended up being a 245$ “Advanced” ticket.

Once buyers tried to get those, they discovered one more thing, that those too had been sold out all within 5 minutes, leaving the only tickets available to be the full cost of 400$. At a hefty price already, you need to include the Fees: 90$ service fee and a 15$ mail fee (if you live in the United States).

To the average person, spending 500+$ on a festival that won’t even release a lineup for at least 6 months is appalling. Ultra is no new-comer to the game of greed, milking the UMF for all it was worth by putting on a second weekend last year, but have they gone too far this time?