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Those who have been listening to Zedd since he started his ascent toward stardom are sure to remember his signature glitchy funk house style that originally drew the attention of the EDM community, but that has since then fallen by the wayside for more anthemic progressive house tracks like ‘Clarity’ and ‘Spectrum’ (although to his credit, there is a brief interlude in ‘Spectrum’ where the old Zedd decides to make an appearance).

For this Throwback Thursday, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight back on one of his older and (in my ever so humble opinion) more creative remixes, that of Skrillex‘s early hit, ‘Weekends!!!’. This remix is flawless and showcases Zedd‘s incredible attention to detail and painstaking production prowess. It adds a bouncy and light house feel to the original, yet still appropriately features the iconic wobble bass part of the original. Zedd adds his own stuttercuts and intersperses original material with his own leads, glitches and melodies to craft a remix that is truly his own.

To this day, I have yet to found an electro remix that tops this in sheer creativity and skill, by Zedd or any other artist. Rarely is the pinnacle of an artist’s work at the very start of their career, however this might just be one of those cases.

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